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TIL311 replacement

A modern replacement of the venerable-but-expensive TIL311 hex display. Continue reading

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True 8-bit computing!

The DrACo/Z80 has been redesigned as a true 8-bit computer… Continue reading

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Energy Star — Paleotechnology style!

A while back, I realized that the Z80 was drawing (relatively speaking) a lot of power. I know modern CPUs can both crunch your numbers and cook your dinner; the Intel Core i7 datasheet specifies a maximum of 145 AMPS … Continue reading

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Prime Time

…and now, for something completely different. (By different, I mean almost useful!) The Z80 computer is now busy computing prime numbers! I wrote a straightforward BASIC program, which I then compiled using Oshonsoft‘s Z80 simulator suite of utilities. The resulting … Continue reading

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