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XP SP3 breaks Remote Desktop: Here’s the fix…

Microsoft keeps finding new and improved ways in which to be annoying. Windows XP Service Pack 3, it turns out, breaks Remote Desktop access for some strange reason. Once you know the solution, it’s not a terribly difficult fix (see … Continue reading

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Clippy Doesn’t Get It

There are some things that computers do quite well. Correcting English grammar, apparently, isn’t included in the list.(“Subjunctive? We don’t need no steenkin subjunctive!”)

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Highway Robbery

Sometimes it pays to be a dinosaur. One of the AET students at Drexel sent me an email asking about a serial add-in card for an older CNC milling machine. The manufacturer’s site listed a used one that was available … Continue reading

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Windows 7

What could the newly-released beta of Windows 7 have to do with paleotechnology, you ask? It has everything to do with it, when good ol’ DOS is looking better and better all the time! I don’t know about you, but … Continue reading

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