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PIC programming, Cadillac style!

I’ve been working with the PIC18F4620, and am impressed by how easy it is to program, compared to the smaller PICs. I think I’m in love. Or at least in lust. Here are some of the improvements from an embedded … Continue reading

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Paleotech, through the eyes of a Millenial…

What happens when you give a modern teenager a Walkman? You get some interesting insights about technology. It’s amazing how far technology has come — and a reminder that yes, there really is such a thing as paleotechnology. (For us … Continue reading

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Digital blasphemy?

When is a 555 not a 555? When it’s really a PIC! The design of the DrACo/Z80 computer calls for a 555 timer (a great piece of paleotech, even if it still isn’t sure after 38 years whether it’s really … Continue reading

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Thatsa lotta beer!

The statute of limitations is up on this by now, I think… Back in the day, several ne’er-do-well CS students were enrolled in a certain CS150/151 class/lab, taught by a certain D. Ray with a certain M. Ghose as a … Continue reading

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