MIT 6.002X pilot course

MIT’s beta-test of their online “MITX” program launches today, with the first day of class for their 6.002X “Circuits and Electronics” course. This is a free course, open to anyone, and MIT is offering a certificate of completion for anyone who finishes the course with good grades.

The syllabus is full of useful topics, from the basics of electrical theory (units of measure, Ohm’s Law, KVL/KCL) to more advanced topics like feedback, stability, transients, etc.

The price is certainly right and the content looks interesting and useful. I’d recommend anyone interested in learning more about the fundamentals of electronics sign up before the course gets too far along. (Although I’ve been working with electronics for several years now, I’ve signed up to see if there’s anything I’ve missed — which is quite probable considering that my background is mostly in Digital.)

The first homework is due March 16th, so now is a good time to get started!

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