Ipad3 review

Okay — the “Retina Display” on the new iPad3 is pretty amazing. Apple claims it’s twice the resolution (four times the pixels) as the original, and I believe them. Text appears geometrically perfect, with no evidence of any pixels in sight — and high-resolution graphics like the scaled Satellite view in Google Maps are razor-sharp (at least until you zoom down beyond Google’s current imagery resolution.)

In addition to the display, the iPad3 has the usual front-and-back cameras, with the back camera apparently having higher resolution than the front one (which is generally used for video calls).

Other than the display and cameras, the iPad3 appears a lot like the iPad2 — slimmer and more rounded at the edges than the original. I still like the original design’s aesthetics best, but to each their own.

Using the iPad3 feels a lot like using the original iPad, except for that gorgeous display (which really does steal the show and really is that good.)

Until Apple gets a little less authoritarian about their ecosystem, I still don’t want one — but even I have to admit their hardware engineering is pretty amazing.


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