Data Sheet Lookup

It can often be difficult to find reliable datasheets for various electronic components. It’s one thing to use a resistor or capacitor without a datasheet — most of the relevant specs can be measured or at least estimated. When working with more complex devices such as microcontrollers or digital sensors, though, a datasheet is usually essential.

I recently came across a very useful datasheet search engine site — They claim to have over 100 million parts with datasheets indexed, and are planning to eventually have over 350 million total.

I tried several random parts and was able to find the correct data sheets for each of them…

For some parts, they list prices from many of the usual suspects: Mouser, Digikey, etc. (For some reason, no vendors were listed for the EPROM. Perhaps their time portal to the early 1980s is still under construction.)

I’ve added their search widget to the right-hand menu. Check it out.

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