Dumpster Divin’

Several months ago, SparkFun came up with the idea of a “Dumpster Dive,” where they would sell mystery boxes full of random stuff they were trying to get rid of — old discontinued stock, scuff-and-dent sale items, and so on.

A SparkFun Dumpster Dive box

A SparkFun Dumpster Dive box

The first batch sold out very quickly, though, and although I was able to submit an order, they ran out of stock before it could be fulfilled. I was disappointed, but they did throw in a $10 gift code as an apology. Fortunately, due to how insanely popular the initial Dumpster Dive event was, they decided to do it again last month.

This time, I was ready. I was logged in, had my payment options updated, and had a few other small items in my cart. When the page went live, I grabbed one and checked out within about thirty seconds. A week or so later, it arrived.

The Box Has Arrived!

The Box Has Arrived!


So, what was in the box?

The contents of the Dumpster Dive box.

The contents of the Dumpster Dive box. (Click for larger.)

Here’s what I found (roughly, from left to right):

  • Two battery-holder boxes with switches, which hold 4 AA batteries each;
  • A mountain of small machine screws;
  • Several bags of 330-ohm resistors;
  • A bunch of jumper-pin connection terminals;
  • A bunch of SMD ribbon connectors (for touchscreen displays etc);
  • A breadboard (Some Assembly Required™);
  • A strip of surface-mount capacitors (at least I think they’re caps);
  • Two small assemblies which look like analog trackstick sensors;
  • A diode;
  • A small strip of unidentified surface-mount parts (two-terminal);
  • Some pin connectors;
  • Some SMD buck converter chips;
  • Two jumper wires;
  • A 6DOF sensor board with a few bent/missing pins (nothing too bad);
  • A bipolar stepper motor;
  • Two small screws;
  • A mini USB cable; and
  • Ten small interlocking storage boxes.

Not too bad for ten bucks plus shipping!

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