Third Edition

The Book Is Retired. Long Live The Book!

Earlier this month, Electronics geeks around the world felt a disturbance in the Force. A presence they had not felt since 1989. This disturbance, however, was most welcome. The long-rumored Third Edition of The Book was actually here.

“The Book,” of course refers to H&H. The Bible. TAoE. The Good Book.
The Art of Electronics, by Horowitz and Hill.

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TAoE is technically a textbook, but finds its best use as a reference.


It’s a testament to how well-written and comprehensive TAoE is, that a quarter century after the second edition was published, it was, in many geeks’ minds, stillĀ the book on electronic circuits. Now, finally, H&H have updated the book, incorporating many new modern topics. The fundamentals haven’t changed since 1989, but digital electronics certainly has.

If you’re into electronics and don’t have one, go get one. It’s worth it.

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