CH Comm works!

Just finished testing CH Comm — it works, both with FS2004 and FSX! A whole interesting list of FS data can be exported to the RS232 port in standard format. This should make it fairly straightforward to create PIC-based instruments.

At this point, the next steps are:
* Try to get RS232 comms working reliably at a higher speed than 2400 baud — preferably 115200, even if this means a dedicated MCU to handle the comms (which it probably will.)
* Go through the CH Comm .ini file to pare down the output to what is needed (all this data takes an appreciable fraction of a second to export at the default 9600 baud — which would make for poorly-responding instruments.
* Choose one or two parameters for a PIC to read, and display them on a LCD or via a servo.

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