Paleotech Projects

This page contains all of the articles that, in one form or another, involve a project that others may enjoy recreating and/or modifying. My goal is to eventually include complete plans including all source code, schematics, Gerber files, and so forth that are required to build each project. For now, some of the projects may be incompletely described in the articles. If you are interested in any of them, are not a spambot, and would like more information about how they were done and/or how you could build one yourself, please email me (“eric” at this domain).

The projects are classified by level, ranging from Level 1 (a simple project or demo) to Level 5 (a major project which could take months or more). Very roughly:
Level 1 = a few minutes and few equipment requirements ;
Level 2 = a few hours or an evening, with minimal equipment needed;
Level 3 = a weekend or two, with basic equipment requirements;
Level 4 = several weeks, possibly requiring more advanced equipment; and
Level 5 = several months or more and/or requiring exotic equipment.

In the words of the Sirius Cybernetics Nutri-Matic Drink Dispenser, “Share and enjoy!”

Available projects:

GPS Puzzle Box

DrACo/Z80 computer (8-bit)

A Bluetooth-Controlled Robot

Diamagnetic Levitation

TIL311 Replacement

An Introduction to Breadboarding (and 555s)

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