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Third Edition

The Book Is Retired. Long Live The Book! Earlier this month, Electronics geeks around the world felt a disturbance in the Force. A presence they had not felt since 1989. This disturbance, however, was most welcome. The long-rumored Third Edition … Continue reading

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Arduino Step By Step

I recently came across a very interesting Udemy course called “Arduino Step by Step: Your guide to the Internet of Things.” It covers everything from blinking a LED (the traditional microcontroller take on “Hello, World” to Internet-connected applications. It’s only … Continue reading

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FreePCB Arduino Shield Template

Having been too busy / lazy to sit down and learn Eagle CAD or another “real” PCB program, I’ve been using FreePCB to make all kinds of PC boards on the LPKF board plotter at work. With our increasing use of … Continue reading

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Data Sheet Lookup looks to be a useful source for electronic part datasheets. Continue reading

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