Coolest. App. EVER.

I’ve just discovered Crayon Physics. Remember playing with crayons as a kid and imagining your drawings coming to life?

Well, imagine no longer. This is an excellent example of why computers are so cool. I’ve known about this for maybe a day or so, and already I’m thinking of it in terms of some of the Great Games I’ve known: Zork, Flight Simulator, Oblivion, etc.

Don’t bother with the instructions; just let your inner kindergartener out to play with it and you’ll figure it out in no time.

Take a look — it’s really amazing.

EDIT: (No, this is not an April Fool’s joke.)

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3 Responses to Coolest. App. EVER.

  1. Dosquatch says:

    The furback is sad – he’d like to play, but he doesn’t have a tablet PC to play with.

  2. M. Eric Carr says:

    It works with a regular mouse or trackball, actually.

  3. Dosquatch says:

    I know, I played with it a bit, but I’m piss-poor at drawing with a mouse. It really wants a tablet.

    *I* really want a tablet.

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