FreePCB Arduino Shield Template

Having been too busy / lazy to sit down and learn Eagle CAD or another “real” PCB program, I’ve been using FreePCB to make all kinds of PC boards on the LPKF board plotter at work.

With our increasing use of Arduinos (we’ve been using them in Senior Design projects for several years now, and are starting to teach introductory programming with them), we will almost certainly need to design Arduino shields in the near future.

Having looked online and not found an Arduino shield template for FreePCB, I decided to make one.

(Screenshot of template in FreePCB)

The template, rendered in FreePCB. (Click for larger.)

Here is the FreePCB template file. Remember to save a copy before you modify it with the components and traces for your design.

“Share and enjoy!” (CC:BY-SA)


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